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I get this question asked a lot, whether you should know how to model in order to have great picture results. I totally understand as I did asked myself that question when I started photography. We get tons of images of models on commercial campaigns, on social media and advertisements that it is common to associate photo shoot with being a model. On today's post I would like to share Nadege's experience during our shooting in February.

Hi Nadège, thank you for your time! People ask us quite often if you're actually a model. Is this the case?

That's so nice, not at all!

How tall are you?

I am 1.64 (5'.4")

Have you ever did a photo shoot before this one?

This was my first photo shoot! Before this I was never eager to be photographed by others.

What were your expectations before the shoot?

I hoped that the weather would not be too bad and that the location would not be too crowded so that I could feel more comfortable. It was a big advantage that I already knew the person behind the camera.

Did you considered yourself to have enough skills for the shoot?

Certainly not enough. I never used the few photos that were ever taken of me by others because I was too self-conscious about the results.

How did you feel after the shoot?

During and after the shoot I felt very relieved and at ease! The compliments and tips I received during the shoot were also a huge boost to my confidence.

What did you think of the result?

The photos were unbelievably beautiful! They were much more beautiful than I expected and I hardly recognized myself (in a positive way).

Would you do it again?

With Kelly (aka Kya Graphic Photography) for sure! Without the encouragement and her eye for the right angles, this would not have been possible. It has also helped me to be open to other “model” assignments. Grateful that I got this chance, I recommend it!

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